Elbow Pain Treatments

Your elbow is an incredibly mobile joint. It can extend, flex, and rotate. While that's incredibly useful as you go about your day, it puts your elbow at risk for an injury and chronic pain as the result of repetitive use. At Minnesota Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, serving Plymouth, Minnesota, and the general vicinity, Dr. Shane Boroditsky and his team can help ease your pain and ensure you maintain your full range of function and flexion in this joint for years to come. 

General Information 

Elbow pain can either be chronic or acute. Fortunately, our Plymouth, MN, chiropractor can help in either situation. An acute case may stem from overextending it and damaging the soft tissue. In this instance, the goal is to help the injury heal in the best way possible. 

In other cases, the issue is a chronic one. It could stem from repetitive use. Through the proper techniques, we can facilitate healing. 

Sometimes, chronic elbow pain is from a condition like arthritis. This condition stems from wear and tear on the joint’s cartilage over time. While it's not necessarily reversible, it's manageable. The goal of treatment is to ease your discomfort while preventing further damage. We also center our efforts around helping you maintain as much function and flexion in the joint as possible. In some cases, we can even improve mobility and function in the elbow. 

Who's at Risk?

Certain people are more at risk for elbow pain than others. For example, if you play sports that work that joint, you may be more at risk. Some examples include golf and tennis. Those with a job that stresses the joint are also at risk of elbow pain from repetitive use. Prime examples are butchers, plumbers, carpenters, and painters. Those with rheumatoid arthritis are more at risk because their immune systems may attack this particular joint.

Chiropractic Care for Elbow Pain  

Chiropractic care is a beneficial treatment for elbow pain because it can help you increase function and flexion while easing pain naturally. One of the most common treatments for this issue is exercise therapy. During this treatment, we guide you through a series of exercises that improve the joint’s muscle support. These stretches are slow and increase in difficulty over time. 

We can also provide you with lifestyle advice to help prevent injuries or decrease the amount of stress you put on the joint, and acupuncture to reduce inflammation. 

Dr. Boroditsky of Minnesota Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, serving Plymouth, MN, and the nearby region, can help you if you're experiencing elbow pain. Our chiropractor will create a plan that centers around your needs. 

Find relief from your elbow pain holistically by booking an appointment with our practitioner today by calling 763-390-1323.

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