Spinal Decompression


Neck and Back Pain due to a herniated or bulging disc can be debilitating, and in the past, surgery was the answer. Today, we have a highly­ successful treatment that allows us to relieve this pain without surgery.

Spinal Decompression is a non-invasive therapy which helps to alleviate neck and back pain by utilizing a highly developed technology and precise computer programming to apply a gentle distraction to the spine alleviating pressure on the spinal discs and nerves.  It gently stretches and relaxes creating a vacuum-like effect in the disc pulling in the bulging/herniated disc as well as water, oxygen and other nutrients, allowing the discs to heal naturally.

Spinal Decompression (NSSD) is FDA cleared and has been clinically proven to have an 86% success rate for pain associated with herniated or bulging discs.

The Accu-Spina is the only Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression table FDA cleared to perform the patented Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) decompression oscillation waveforms.  Documented medical research clearly demonstrates that Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression increases disc space while relieving pain.  

Spinal Decompression not only significantly minimizes neck and back pain in many patients, but also enables the majority of patients to return to a more active lifestyle.

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