Shoulder Pain Treatments

When you are suffering from shoulder pain, what you want most is lasting relief. Dr. Shane Boroditsky of Minnesota Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in North Plymouth, MN offers a wide variety of services that can rectify the cause of your shoulder pain, not just the pain itself. 

Chiropractic care is about improving health holistically, not just medicating you to mask symptoms. With shoulder pain, there are several potential causes. The shoulder joint is really three joints and you have more movement in your shoulder than in any other joint in the body. Of course, the more movement, the more potential for something to get out of alignment, and this misalignment can lead to pain. Getting things back where they belong goes a long way to helping to bring relief. 

Therapeutic massage

After an evaluation, the reason for your shoulder pain will be discussed. Some shoulder conditions will benefit greatly from therapeutic massage. Different types of massage will be used depending on what the root cause of the pain is. For some people, it may be Swedish massage, for others, deep tissue or sports massage. Most people can benefit from a relaxation massage that helps relieve some of the stress that can end up in your upper back and shoulders. Breaking up the knots that form can be a little painful, so it may require a little ice and heat after a session. 

Chiropractic manipulation therapy

Getting to the root of shoulder pain is what you want from your chiropractor. Sometimes, pain in the shoulder is due to a blockage in the neck. With manipulation therapy, dislocated joints and tissues can be put back into alignment, and not only is the pain reduced or totally relieved, but the function is greatly improved. This can be used with several shoulder conditions, but not all. Your doctor will perform an evaluation to determine if it is right for you. 


Acupuncture can help to relieve shoulder pain for various different shoulder conditions. It can not only relieve pain but improve range of motion and reduce inflammation. It is usually combined with other treatments, such as electric muscle stimulation or therapeutic stretches.

Getting relief for your shoulder pain starts with identifying the cause and making changes that can help to keep the damage from happening again. Dr. Boroditsky of Minnesota Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in North Plymouth, MN will diagnose and treat your shoulder pain. Call the office for an appointment at 763-390-1323. 

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